Holiday weekend

Why is it that every weekend, long ones especially, that all of my plans and goals go out the window?

I have a goal to lose weight. Okay, cool; to reach that goal I need to gain control of my eating habits and workouts. Do you know what I’ve done this weekend so far? I haven’t had any water, I’ve eaten an entire candy isle, and had a bunch of soda and fast food.

Like, what the hell Aubrey? You’re going on your honeymoon in 16 days and you’re literally the heaviest you’ve ever been.

So what can I do to combat this weekend slip-up instead of sitting here and feeling sorry for myself?

  1. I can drink a water bottle full of water. It’s good for your body, will fill you up a bit to stop the snack-age, and it will help you mentally feel great.
  2. I can clear my thoughts by writing them out so that I’m not sitting here suffering in my anguish. I’m making a plan and will feel better by sticking to it.
  3. I could do a quick arm/ ab workout. Honestly, just starting something that will move my body will probably help to get me out of this funk.
  4. I will also finish my chores. My mind is awful and cloudy whenever my house is a mess.
  5. Stealing my husband away for a walk sounds like a good idea, although it won’t happen until later tonight because he’s being a saint and replacing rotten deck boards on our deck.

At this point, I’ve taken some of my own advice and have already done the dishes, and am on my second load of laundry. I’ve had a full bottle of water and taken some ‘me time’ to throw this post together.

I’m not sure why, but by doing these simple things, I feel better about my day/self/weekend. We’re all here just trying our hardest and a few days of slip ups aren’t reason to throw out the whole goal.


Go out and think good thoughts today!




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