5 Daily Habits

I’m trying my best to make these 5 things a daily habit in my life. Each one is focused on making me a more well rounded human being and creating the person that I want to be, so I’m putting this out to the universe in order to manifest that more perfect self.

  1. I am trying to read a chapter a night in my book. Additionally, this is helping me to not stare at a screen before going to bed. I’ve found that this has started to calm my mind and get me to fall into a deeper sleep, quicker.
  2. Along side reading, I have been trying to sit down and write for 30 minutes a day. This has helped to open my mind up to be more creative and focused. Typically my mind is running over 1000 things in an hour, but by designating time to sit and produce something, I have been able to focus in more.
  3. Getting in 30 minutes of exercise has been a big priority of mine. My clothes have steadily been getting bigger as the weight has crept up on me over the past 3 years especially. Getting in 30 minutes of exercise has been helping me feel a bit better and more confident throughout the day.
  4. Along with getting in more exercise, I have been making it my goal to stay properly hydrated. Drinking 3 water bottles of water and a couple glasses of green tea throughout the day has become my sweet spot. If I don’t get enough water, my body starts to act out.
  5. I have been making it a priority since getting married to spend un-interrupted time with my husband each day. Time just talking without any electronics to distract us. Just him and me growing more in our relationship together.

This are a few small things that I’ve been trying to implement, but they are sure to have a big impact on my life.

What are some things that you have been trying to make into a daily habit?


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