I’ve decided to count calories

This decision has taken me many, many years to get to. I’ve had friends who have become obsessed with it. I’ve had friends become anorexic. I’ve had it in my mind that counting calories equals bad things.

So, why would I start?

Over the past 3 years I have ballooned  up 40lbs. I’m at my highest weight ever and no amount of exercise that I do is helping.

It always boils back to the fact that I’m eating way too much each day. It finally snapped in my brain on Tuesday of this week when I ate 3 dinners. Was I hungry for 3 dinners? No. I just kept going back for more without even thinking about it.

I woke up on Wednesday feeling sick and sad. I was sad that I had reached this point. 200lbs and not able to control myself around food anymore. I have no willpower. I have no self control.

The decision to count calories has always been a last resort in my mind. If I can’t lose weight from exercise and if I can’t intuitively eat when I’m hungry, what can I do besides try and track whatever I eat?

And so, I’ve been counting for the last 3 days and staying strictly within my allotted calorie intake based on my height, weight, and activity level.

I’ve been avoiding any exercise besides walking to help get my body used to the cut.

It’s been helping. I feel more confident now that my belly isn’t constantly stuff and I actually wake up feeling ready for the day instead of feeling sluggish.

The toughest battle will be seeing how I do over the weekend, but I’ll be sure to update as I go along.

Have any of you had any luck counting calories?




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