Honeymoon Vacation

My husband and I are leaving for our honeymoon in 8 days! It’s so surreal to think about because this will be our first big, extended, vacation together. An actual adult, grown-up one that we’re paying for everything and not staying at a family member’s home.

So what are our plans? We decided rent a car for 3 days, drive down to Ft Lauderdale, cruise for 7 nights, and then rent a car and drive 3 days back home.


Let me tell you, this has been such a chore to plan. We came upon the cruise pretty easily (I’ve been stalking cruises for months and months trying to find a good deal to places that we wanted to visit) and we were lucky enough to book it during Royal Caribbean’s bogo 60% sale. The cars, on the other hand, took us much longer to figure out.

Luckily, we just became BJ’s members and were able to book some car rentals through their vacation services for a discount. But then the issue because how do we get from the Airport in Ft Lauderdale to the port where our cruise is departing from? The cruise line offers a shuttle from the airport, but we need airline and flight information to book it. With a short call to customer services, we found out that all we need to do is go to the kiosk at the airport and  sign up for the shuttle that day.

Okay, all taken care of right? Not so much. We had to go on and sign up for the best on board activities and shore excursions that we wanted to participate in, and ya’ll, they have some amazing options.

We decided to go with the ‘my time dining’ option that gives us free reign on what time we eat dinner every night and also gives us the flexibility to choose other restaurants to eat at. We only have two set meals planned for the trip so far and that includes the first night at 5:30 in the main dining room, and the last night (which happens to be my husband’s 24th birthday) at the mexican restaurant at 6pm. Don’t tell him this, but I’ve arranged for a birthday cake to be delivered to our room after a show earlier that day.

Other than that, we’ve signed up for all of the included entertainment on board including: A headlining act, an adult comedy show, the musical CATS, an aqua/ diving show, an ice skating show, and another live play called come fly with me which are all on various nights.

Some other onboard activities that we want to participate in are some of the game shows, the rock climbing, and some dance nights.

The shore excursions that we’ve decided to purchase are: Dolphin cove and hiking Dunns falls in Jamaica and the Off road Jeep and mayan ruin excursion in Mexico. I’m really, really excited to be able to do both of these excursions because we’re a bit adventurous and my husband will love driving an off road jeep!

Have I bored all of you yet? I know everyone in my life is tired of hearing about our upcoming vacation (especially my husband) so I couldn’t blame you if I have.

What is the best vacation you’ve ever planned/ been on?





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