Short Stories

Deadly Sins Part 1

It is the feeling that bubbles up with accomplishment.

The belief that you’re superior to those around you, even when they may have more experience.

It drives a wedge between you and your loved ones when a disagreement arises; stubborn enough to keep you silent as the other waits for an apology.

Never will it relent to having humility and admitting you were wrong.

It is the slow decay to life. With each new display you slip further into the vanity that you are more important, that others are sub-par, that they don’t deserve to exist near you.

A lonely life greets you each morning as you decide that you don’t need anyone. You’re better off on your own. No one can measure up anyway.

It is the one thing you cling to until the end of days. It leaves you unable to ask for help, unable to reach out to anyone. Alone, you drift into nothingness happy to know that you were never seen as weak, never seen as less than what you were.

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