Losing weight comes easily to me..

The mantra I’ve been repeating in my head.

My entire life I’ve thought that losing weight is hard. It’s been the hardest struggle I’ve ever been through and I haven’t even reached my goal.

Each time something delicious is within two feet of me, I’ve thought “oh, this is too hard. I know I’m going to eat it anyway, why not enjoy it now?”

Each morning workout I’ve thought “This is so hard, why would anyone be able to stick to this?”

Even motivational posters say something like “Working out is hard. Being fat is hard. Choose your hard.”

But why does it need to be like that? Why do we as humans focus on how hard something is? It’s just putting that frequency into the universe and you’ll ultimately have things, that make losing weight harder, that find you.

So I’ve been trying to repeat mantras in my head throughout the day. My favorite is “Losing weight comes easily to me.”

Each time I repeat it in my head, I actually feel better. I can see myself losing weight and feeling better all because I’m training my mind to believe that losing weight actually does come easily to me!

So if you’re in a rut, if you’ve hit a plateau, even if you just want to get started, try saying it to yourself a couple times a day and see what happens.




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