Thursday thoughts


I’m one of those people who has about 20 different things bouncing around in my head at one time and it can become overwhelming sometimes. This whole week I’ve been feeling off so maybe writing them out will help me to sort through some of them to realize what’s got me down:

  • We bought a new fridge on Sunday in a spir-of-the-moment thing. It was marked down from 2000 to 1045 and my husband was able to negotiate it down to 900. So it was a really great deal and we couldn’t pass it up. It’s kind of pushed us to clean out our food and to re-think what we’re eating.
  • We’re adapting the 21-day fix eating plan and it’s difficult because I want to change up our meals but I’m too lazy and don’t have a lot in my checking account to buy the food that I want to.
  • Yesterday I went the whole day without a sweet! It’s been months since I’ve been able to get through a whole day without some candy or anything, so that’s neat and I’m very proud.
  • I’ve been following my 1/2 marathon training pretty well (this week I’ve missed a strength training and substituted a cross training for a walk). Not too bad but not the greatest.
  • Work is going well, I’m actually getting more work done recently than I have in a while. It’s nice to sit down and focus on something.
  • Keeping up with friends is hard. I’m just not great at making plans to hang out and most of the time I’m too tired and would rather hang out at home.
  • My husband has opened the can of worms of replacing all of our interior doors. The one that he did looks really good, but now we have 16 more doors to do.
  • I’m feeling some discomfort in my knee/ shin when I run and I’m worried that my shoes are causing it. I don’t have a lot of extra money to go out and buy new ones so I’m hoping it’s just because my legs are not used to running with all of this extra weight.
  • I’ve gained 40lbs over the past 3 years and it’s worrisome to me. I’m focusing on staying positive and trying out my new mantra “losing weight comes easily to me” and it’s really helping to lift my mood. I’ll see if it’s producing any other results in the coming weeks.
  • I’m really excited to start decorating our home for Christmas. I really want to start out our married life with some great holiday traditions and I have so many ideas that will help make this the best christmas we’ve spent together!
  • Our one friends are having a baby anyday now and another set are trying for a baby and it’s crazy how much babies can surround you when you get married. Everyone asks when you might have one and it just becomes suffocating. I want to have one, but I know that we will be better off if we wait until 2018 so that I can focus on paying off my student loans. By waiting just that one year, I can have 22,000+ paid off and only be left with ~20,000 left to pay. (If anyone was curious as to why my checking is so low.. this is what I’m doing with all of my money.)
  • This week seems to be DRAGGINGG. I can’t help but feel tired and moody at work.
  • My husband and I have been watching all of the Harry Potter movies this week and it’s so nice that he’s acting into it because it just makes it so much more enjoyable for me to see him into something that I enjoy.
  • I have to pay my savings back and part of our fridge purchase back after we get our next payment. I know it will be fine, I just wish I could put it all towards my loans.
  • Today it snowed during the night and we woke up to it. I wasn’t really expecting snow this early in the season and it’s making me reconsider my outdoor running plans.
  • My stomach has been giving me some issues that past few weeks (probably all of the sugar I’ve been stuffing in there) and it’s starting to calm down today. But I don’t think I’m out of the woods yet with it.
  • I’m pretty bummed we haven’t done any of the fall activities that I love to do like a corn maze, apple picking, or pumpkin carving. Just bummed.
  • We have been dehydrating apples and squash to make healthy chips and they’re delicious!

Well, that’s about it for right now. I think that what I’m seeing is that I should probably take more time to do the things that sound fun to me instead of staying in the house and focusing all of my time and energy worrying about money. Have a great day!





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