Holiday running

This year (due to the wedding and buying a house eating up all of my PTO from work) I’m going to run the 3 big Holiday runs this year.

It kicks off tomorrow with the Pumpkins in the Park run.


It starts at 9am and will have a costume contest and a “timed hill” that is .3 miles long. I’ve been running right around the 11-12 minute mile mark for my runs, so we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

The second one will be the Webster Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day.


I’m trying to get my husband into running/ walking this one with me. There are two options for length: a 2.5 miler or a 4.4 miler. If my husband decides to run with me, we’ll do the 2.5 miler but if he decides not to, I’ll run the 4.4 miler because my training schedule has me down for 4 miles that day anyway. This is the 45th anniversary of this run and to celebrate everyone who finishes gets a medal!

The final one that I’m going to do is the Reindeer Run 5k On December 17th.


This one will be on a day designated as an 11-miler and I will have to either run before this, after this, or split up the miles before and after! That will be a fun one to figure out logistically.

Do you have any holiday running plans?




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