Fitness spending log

I’ve gotten this idea from Hanna over at the Minimal Marathoner. She’s going to track how much money she spends in total leading up to her goal race of the Chicago Marathon and I thought that was such a neat idea!

For me, however, I thought that I would track how much money I spend within a year on fitness related items. Ex: race fees, workout clothes, fitness programs, shoes, gym membership, meal plans etcetera. I think it’s only fair to back date this to the beginning of October 2016 and have it run through the beginning of October 2017.

I chose these dates because it’s the mark of when I started my fitness journey anew. I had previously taken 5-6 months off from exercise and I spent that time eating junk and gaining a bunch of weight.

My goal for this fitness spending log will be to track if the money that I spend on fitness is actually being translated into a tangible difference in my health and weight.

Health will be gauged by how I am feeling mentally and physically. Will I be able to run without my knees hurting? Will I feel better about my body image? Will I be able to run for a couple of miles without needing to walk?

Weight will be easier to track. At this moment I am 5’3″ tall and weigh ~197; I started out at the beginning of October weighing in at 199lbs. For my height I am told that I should weigh anywhere from 120-135 but I’m a bit more curvy than the average woman my height  and so I would like to end up somewhere in the 140-150 range. I know that that may very well not happen within the next 11 months, but as long as I’m heading in that direction I will be happy.

And so, let us delve into my expenses so far since the beginning of October:


  • Race fee: $265.50
    • This may seem like a large number to you, but it is for 4 races. This is the fee for the four seasons challenge that runs near my home town and includes 3 1/2 marathons (January 7th, April 29th, & July 15) and 1 full marathon (September 17th). All in all it evens out to ~66.50 per race. Typical 1/2’s have costed me somewhere between 60-90 dollars each and full’s are typically ~100 dollars.
    • I chose to do this challenge not only for the financial benefits, but because I’m hoping that the challenge will keep me motivated to keep running/ in shape for the full year.
  • New shoes: $55.15
    • My old shoes that I used back in April have been giving me some extreme shin pain and so I decided to invest in a new pair of running shoes. The hoka one one’s have been recommended for heavier runners because they’re so cushioned and I’m hoping they will be comfortable for me.

Total spent: $320.65

I’m really interested to see what I’ll actually spend over the next 11 months. I’ll update this whenever I make a new purchase! 🙂

Have you ever tracked what you spend on fitness related things throughout the year?




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