American Election Day

I would like to say, regardless of your political beliefs, to get out there and vote! Vote for our presidents, vote for your representatives, vote on propositions, just get out there are vote!

I’m going right after we get out of work and I couldn’t be more excited for this election to be over and to actually KNOW who will be running this country starting next year. I’ve always had a hard time with anxiety without knowing exactly what will happen.

Other things on my to-do list today have been to:

  • run – Check
  • get stuff at work done- Check
  • eat clean- Check
  • sign up for open enrollment- Can’t finish because I need special help from HR
  • do the dishes
  • fold the laundry
  • finish painting one of our new doors

The last 3 things will do done after voting (and dinner) while my husband makes the trek down to his old town to vote (He never updated his address after he moved. What a pain).

Leave a comment if you voted today!




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