My 2017 Goals


As the year draws to a close, I (like so many others) like to look forward into the coming year and try to work out what to chase in the next 365 days.

2016 was a year of big events for me: Buying our house and getting married being to big two. Other than that, though, it’s been a year of staying stagnant. My fitness fell to the wayside and my financial goals were put on hold to help save for the wedding/house/honeymoon.

For the coming year I have some pretty hefty items on my list to knock out:

  1. Run a marathon.
    • This has been one of my all-time big goals for a while now. I’ve run 4 1/2 marathons and am signed up for 3 more in this coming year (the first one on January 7th!). I’m happy to say that I’m already signed up for the Rochester Marathon in September so all I need to do is train!
  2. Get into shape.
    • This goal is mainly for myself. I want to be in the best shape of my life as my husband and I get closer to our ‘try for children’ stage of life that will be coming up at the beginning of 2018. I just really want to be in the best health that I can be for those little ones.
  3. Pay off 2 out of 3 student loans.
    • I’ll need to really buckle down to get them paid off, but I’m excited about the overall goal of it.
  4. Run 1000 miles for all of 2017.
    • It should be pretty easy with 3 1/2’s and a full 🙂
  5. Try out a run streak!
    • I’m starting today and will run at least 1 mile per day for as long as I can go.
  6. Try out a blog streak!
    • Same idea as the run streak, but with blog posts!
  7. Begin and finish my novel.
    • I’ve had this book idea in my head for ages and I’m finally starting to think that I can write it well! I want to have it finished by 2018.

And those are my goals! A few big ones but all together pretty do-able! What are some of your 2017 goals?




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