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Weekend Projects and 2016 Weight Gain

This long weekend has been the first one that my husband and I haven’t had a lot of family obligations in about a month and a half. We spent the time hanging out with each other and getting a couple of home projects out of the way.

We spent Friday night at Lowes getting my husband some lumber and snagging a new kitchen light. Originally it was a large, square wood & white light. When you flipped the switch it took 3-5 seconds of flickering before the old halogen bulb would blink to life.

Now we have a beautiful track light that allows us to aim light where ever we made need the focus. It also gives the kitchen a bit more of a warm, homey feel. Please ignore the dirty dishes in the sink. Installing a dishwasher will be happening in a couple of months:


Saturday morning came with both of us feeling extra motivated. I started my work with creating a medal holder. This piece of wood is actually the test piece from the bench that we completed a couple weekends ago. I think it looks beautiful and I can’t wait to add two more medals to it next weekend due to the start of my four seasons challenge.


Along with the medal holder, I decided to clean up/clean out our upstairs workout room. We had originally been working out in the basement, but that is our next project and I wanted to get a space cleaned out for us to get a jump on our 2017 goals to get into shape.


While I was working on my medal holder/ workout room project, my husband was working away in the basement trying to make himself a new/ sturdier work bench. I gave him a miter saw for Christmas and he wanted to get it all set up in his work area. There were a couple of benches down there from the previous owner but they were both ~4″ taller than they should have been to be comfortable to work with. He’s very proud of what he was able to make and so am I. He’s planning to get a sturdy top and to place a bottom on there for storage and then he will make a second one before staining both benches.


Today we haven’t had as much motivation, but we’re still working on a couple of small things. Right now I’m typing from my newly cleared off pub table which I have decided will be my new standing desk. I sit in an office chair for 8-10 hours a day Monday-Friday and I need a bit more time actually on my feet.


Now I want to talk to you a little bit about 2016 and what it meant to my weight loss journey… mainly that there was no weight loss. In fact, it was about a 20lb weight gain across the course of the year.

On January 1st 2016 I weighed in at 179.6lbs, this morning I weighed in at 198.2lbs.

I can point to a few reasons that this happened:

  • I was planning for our wedding
  • We bought a house and had to deal with that process from January-April
  • I got discouraged in comparing my running to that of a good friend
  • I gave up on caring what foods I ate
  • I gave up on my workouts

I have a really hard time with stress and eating my feelings. It’s been this way for a really long time, but this is the years that it has been most prevalent. I completely lost what little control I had built up over 2015 and just gave it all up.

Some things that I will work on this year include:

  • Having a run streak
  • Tying to give up pop again (I managed really well with this one in 2013)
  • Not eating fast food. I had been doing really well with this one as well, but it’s crept back into my life over the past 12 months
  • Bringing more strength training into my life

In 2013 when I was running, doing insanity, and the 30 day shred I was able to go from 182lbs to 159lbs. That it the lightest I have ever been in my adult life. I remember being 149lbs in middle school and feeling horribly about myself. In my senior year of high school I was 165lbs. Although I felt desperately awful about myself in those years, I would do just about anything to be back there.

I’m tired of feeling bloated and large. I’m tired of my jeans no longer fitting. I’m tired of people asking if I’m pregnant. <- That one stings because we’re recently married and I can’t fault many of our family for being curious.

This year is the last one that I have before we’re actually planning on trying to start our family and I want to be in the best health that I can before we start and so I wanted to share my starting point for 2017:


My body is bigger than I’m used to, but I know that it can do the work. I know that it will carry me to where I want to be. Here’s to a great 2017 and the opportunity that we all have to change our life if we want to!





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