Sunday (or Monday) Rituals

I am thankful for my company because they graciously gave us a 3 day weekend these past two weekends. It was a tough end of the year at work and my mind had been in a pretty unhappy place trying to get everything done.

Because we had a 3 day weekend, today became my ‘Sunday’ and I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about what usually happens in our home on Sundays.

My husband was kind enough to wash the laundry yesterday (two loads, can you believe it?) and so today will consist of folding and putting away the laundry. I always feel like doing the wash on Sunday just starts the week out on a nice note. You can wear whatever clothes you want without fear that a specific article may be dirty.

We already washed our dishes this morning. We make all of our meals from home over the weekend (as opposed to the week days where we throw together a breakfast and pack our lunches for work) and so we end up with a lot of dirty pots and pans. it’s nice to see a clean sink and counter; it makes the house look less cluttered.

Food shopping. That’s one thing that is typically always left for me to do because my husband has no patience for the super market. I’ve been working on stocking our freezer with more meats and dinner options so that we’re not always eating soup or chicken. It’s been slowly getting more full and I’m excited that we were able to try a couple stir-frys last week and even a night of ham.

10 Minute clean up of each room in the house. During the week we tend to leave things all over the living room and kitchen. By taking 10 minutes to put things away, it makes the house feel better and nicer to inhabit for the next week.

Going along the same line of the clean up, my husband and I like to keep a relatively clean home because neither of our parents kept typically clean ones. Each home was cluttered, dishes sat out, laundry sat undone.. it’s one of those habits that I never wanted to inherit from my parents and so each week I make the conscious decision to clean up.

The last thing that our last day of the weekend usually consists of is spending some quality time doing something together. Most weekends, that is just hanging out watching a show or talking or just enjoying each others company. It’s nice to reconnect and center ourselves after a week of hectic running around.


What are some things that you and your family do on the last day of the weekend?




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