Waking up this morning was hard

My 4:30am alarm came a bit too quickly for my liking.. and my husband didn’t make getting up much easier.

I had asked him last night if we would want to wake up with me to workout in the morning, and he had said yes, but the alarm came around and he insisted on more sleep.

I thought to myself ‘that’s not too bad of an idea; we can get home from work and get a workout in before starting dinner tonight.’ It took me about 10 minutes of warring with myself to realize that I personally would probably not press play on my video if I put it off until after work.

And so, against my brains better judgement, I got my butt out of bed and did the 30 Day Shred: Day 3 and it wasn’t terrible. My muscles are sore and I yawned through most of it, but it’s done for today.

The only thing left to do is get my 4 miles in at lunchtime and I will be golden for today.

Also, yesterday was my first full day of no sweets in about 3 months, so I’m very, very proud. I’m aiming for no sweets Monday-Friday with limited sweets Saturday and Sunday. I’m confident that I can get through the rest of this week without incident considering that my first 1/2 marathon of the year is on Saturday.

What time do you wake up in the morning?

Do you struggle with sweets as well?




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