January’s been a bit of a let down

My New Year’s fitness goals haven’t really been able to take off as much as I had hoped. I started out strong and ran my first 1/2 marathon of the year on January 7th, but that race led to a 3 week foot injury that I am now 100% healed from. Ironically enough my runner friend has a similar injury that she’s been trying to run through (she has a Disney challenge run coming up at the end of February that she wants to be ready for) and she’s not healed fully from it. I wish she would have given her body a bit more time before pushing through.

I made up a new calendar for the month of February that I’m excited to try and stick to. It has a few main goals that I’m going to work on:

  • 1/2 marathon training
  • Bikini Body Guide weeks 1-4
  • Blogging streak
  • Working on my Novel on the weekends
  • Having no pop, fast food, or excess sweets (except on my birthday and on valentines day!)

These are a few of my goals that I’m really excited about. I’ve already done 21 days without pop or fast food and I’m excited to see how far I can push it.

As far as my weight loss for January, I’m sitting at about a 4.6 pound loss at this point which is pretty good in my book. That’s just over a pound a week and I’m very proud of that. While it would have been nice to exit the 190’s again (I’m at 193.6) I’m looking forward to reaching that goal in February.

The only issue that I have at the moment is that I woke up yesterday with some UTI symptoms and it’s been impacting my weekend quite a bit. It’s never fun to feel sick and it’s even worse when you feel like you’re just getting over one injury and then struck with another one right afterwards. I’ve been chugging water and cranberry juice so I’m hoping that my body will kick this without needing antibotics, but if it’s still hanging around by this afternoon I will have to go and get it checked out.

How has your month been going?




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