When I binge

Do you ever find yourself doing EXACTLY what you told yourself you wouldn’t do?

Last night my husband wanted to get a box of brownie mix because he was craving them. We stopped at Walmart on the way home and my impulse and self control went out the window. Here is what we ended up leaving the store with:

  • 2 boxes of brownie mix
  • 2 boxes of cake mix
  • pineapple rings for the pineapple cake mix
  • a tub of Reeses spread that he loves on toast
  • a bag of Reeses that are heart shaped
  • a valentines day Whitmans chocolate collection
  • and a candy bar for each of us to eat in the car on the drive home

I ask myself ‘why do you lose all control when you step into the store for one thing?’. It’s not only that we bought all of this. No. I then proceeded to eat:

  • 6 Reeses hearts (1020 calories worth.)
  • 1 big cup Reeses cup with Reeses Pieces in it
  • 1/2 of Dustins candy bar
  • 1/2 a box of whitmans chocolates
  • the left over mac and cheese from last night (while dinner was cooking)
  • and ALSO ate our cauliflower pizza and bread sticks that we had planned for dinner

How can I stay on track while at work and then have ZERO impulse control when it come to candy and moderation?

This is why we don’t usually keep candy in the house. I literally cannot be trusted with not eating it if it’s in my space.

It’s frustrating and annoying and I feel like I’m constantly letting myself down when I KNOW that I shouldn’t be eating so much junk.

But, I know that that was just one day’s worth of mess up. This morning I woke up, drank a bottle of water, and plan on eating eggs for breakfast. My workout plan is to do the BBG full body week 1 workout and walk my 3 miles (if my foot feels okay I may try jogging a few of the laps).

These setbacks aren’t how I need to live my life. I’m not destined to binge on junk food until I die. I am in control of my decisions and can conquer this this addiction; I can master my impulse control. This isn’t going to get me down and I’m going to get past it.





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