Fitness Spending Log

Here is an update of my spending log for this year:


New Purchases:

  • New Bras, new tanks, new walking shoes: $26.00
    • For my birthday yesterday I went out and treated myself to 2 new tank tops, 2 new sports bras, and a pair of walking shoes from the 5 & below store. It’s so nice to have some new stuff to wear so that I’m not running out of clean clothes by the end of the week.

Old Purchases:

  • New shoes, new sports bra, new running pants: $99.30
    • My husband gave me a $100 gift card to Dicks Sporting Goods for Christmas and I thought that I would be including it in this spending log. I didn’t actively go out of my way to buy new things, but I will be using these gifts in the coming year and I thought I should add it to my total.
  • Race fee: $265.50
    • This may seem like a large number to you, but it is for 4 races. This is the fee for the four seasons challenge that runs near my home town and includes 3 1/2 marathons (January 7th, April 30th, & July 15) and 1 full marathon (September 17th). All in all it evens out to ~66.50 per race. Typical 1/2’s have costed me somewhere between 60-90 dollars each and full’s are typically ~100 dollars.
    • I chose to do this challenge not only for the financial benefits, but because I’m hoping that the challenge will keep me motivated to keep running/ in shape for the full year.
  • New shoes: $55.15
    • My old shoes that I used back in April have been giving me some extreme shin pain and so I decided to invest in a new pair of running shoes. The hoka one one’s have been recommended for heavier runners because they’re so cushioned and I’m hoping they will be comfortable for me.

Total spent: $445.95


I’ll be signing up for a few more races within the next few months. My next scheduled race for the Four Seasons Challenge will be on April 30th, so that will be fun. Right now I’m focusing on getting my foot healed 100% and working on strength training with the BBG program.




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