Workouts Lately

I’ve started half marathon training again!

After our Honeymoon cruise, I had ballooned up to 199lbs and that is the heaviest I have ever been. I want to be completely open about this because I know it was due to a lack of exercise and eating WHATEVER I wanted to for months on end. (I also have a sneaking suspicion that it has something to do with coming off of birth control.)

The cruise was beautiful and my husband and I had a really great time.

But now that we’re back (and falling back into our rhythm) It’s time for me to take a serious look at my fitness and goals.

I know that I want to get into the best shape of my life, so that when we start trying for a baby in 2018 it won’t be complicated by my weight, and the way that I’ve decided to pursue that is by signing up for a year long running challenge that includes 3 half marathons and my very first full marathon.


Training started on October 3rd and I’ve been doing some running:

some wii-fit yoga:


some cross training:

and a bunch of eating:

I’ve also re-taken starting point photos to track how I change within the next year or so:


It’s not easy for me to look at these and to realize that I’ve let myself get to this point, but I know that I’m working on it. I know that by moving my butt more and eating better, I will be able to reach my goals.

What workouts have you done lately?

What are your favorite fall meals?




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